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Shandong Mengsixiang Food Co., LTD

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About us
About us
About us

About us

The company has a complete and scientific quality management system。In the spirit of "dare to innovate, steady and progressive", boldly introduce advanced automated production equipment, strengthen production management, strict quality control, comprehensive transformation of the company, with its product quality stability, fast delivery and price advantages, stand out in the fierce competition in the market, steady development。

Enterprise advantage

Decades of entrepreneurial and sustainable management of rich experience and control ability to establish a stable, efficient, standardized management system。The establishment of the whole industrial chain highlights the clear positioning of the company's business development strategy。

Business philosophy

Establish a first-class corporate image: We strive to create value for human life and establish a responsible and trustworthy world-class corporate image。Providing energy saving, environmental protection, safety, fashion and affordable products: We have become one of the preferred brands for customers around the world by providing creative and humane products

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Shandong Mengsixiang Food Co., LTD

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West side of old chat Xin Road, Xinxian County, Liaocheng City, Shandong Province

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